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Unique Framed Prints Art

Hey there! We’re stoked that you’re here. You are all part of Pixapp’s incredible beginning and we’re ecstatic that you’re coming on this journey of discovery with us. Here’s a quick pick-me-up of what we’re doing in a nutshell.


Pixapp is where independent artistic talents and art enthusiasts join forces to create a creative ecosystem on a unique mobile marketplace. We give anyone from anywhere the power to create custom products on our widerange of everyday items- such as Canvas Prints, Metal Prints, Mugs, Tote Bags, Phone Cases and more. It’s ridiculously simple to set up! In just a few screen taps, you can create an entire merchandise collection of products of your own original artwork, designs or photographs. Sell your new merchandise at zero upfront cost, hassle-free.

Unique Coffee Mugs

Pixapp provides a mobile platform for creative talents to showcase and sell their work without risk or hassle for free. We strongly believe that all art deserve an audience, hence our mission is to uncover each and every unpolished gem and empowering all to promote, sell and share art.

By purchasing from Pixapp, you’re directly supporting the sellers who receive the majority of profits of each sale. In return, we promise to continue bringing you exciting new designs and products to enjoy!

Unique Totes


Welcome to Pixapp’s blogβ€”

A place where we share tutorials, Pixapp community’s content, exclusive interviews, interesting topics and basically anything that kicks a$$ in the blissful world of art.

But before we start singing all that jazz, let’s ask you some questions:

Unique Gift Tee

Are you an artist who creates meaningful art?

Have you been looking for ways to earn some extra cash?

Do you take amazing photographs?

Do you want to share your work with others?


If you’ve answered yes to any one (at least!) of the questions then you’ve got to download the app. NOW.

See you there!


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