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Now that you’ve set up your store on Pixapp (if you haven’t, click here to find out how), let’s help you get your store and profile on the Leaderboard. ⚡️

Here are tips to increase sales and traffic in Pixapp.


1. Share on Social Media

The best way to increase sales and traffic to your store is to let people know you actually have one. If you’re an artist, graphic designer, illustrator or photographer, chances are you have already been sharing all your cool stuff (just in case I wasn’t clear enough, I meant your work and not selfies) on a social media. So let your family, friends, secret admirers and basically everyone on planet earth know that your work is available for sale.The wider the reach, the better the visibility.

Key Takeaways:
a) DO‘s
– Share your Pixapp Profile URL to let everyone know your art, design and photograph is for sale.
– Actively promote your store, as not every post or update is seen by everyone in your network.


2. Stay Active and Upload More Designs

The most unfortunate outcome that could happen to you is a Missed Opportunity.

⚠️ Do not let that happen!

Stay active in-app and keep uploading more of your designs and photos so you will repeatedly show up in the Recent Feed. We recommend uploading at least 20 designs but if you ask us again, we will say 200. The point is to keep uploading as many as you can.

Let’s put the situation into perspective when you do not have a wide variety of designs, visitors would easily head off to other designers’ stores instead. Think of Pixapp like a shopping mall. If you spot a store with very few items, you either do not even enter the shop or you leave within a few moments. Your Pixapp profile and store are similar to that and thus, it is very important that you fill your profile up with lots of content (but please save your selfies for another social app…).


3. Set Your Profile to Public

If your profile is set to Private, in order for users and buyers to view, like, comment or purchase your designs, they are required to follow you beforehand. We recommend setting your profile to Public so your designs are available for viewing and purchasing by all.


4. Name Your Design & Product Accurately

It is vital to name your design and describe your product accurately and relevantly. Include accurate description in comprehensible words to the art, design or photography. For example, let’s take a look at this image:

This is a photograph of Mount Everest. Instead of naming the design with merely ‘Mountains’, you could name this with ‘Peak of Mount Everest at Day’ so it will show up on narrowed searches.

Another example would be this image of an artwork:

This design consists of a quote about love and inspiration on a floral background. Instead of naming the design with just ‘Love Quote’ or anything generic, you could name it with something more specific, like ‘Inspirational Love Quote with Hibiscus Flowers’.

Key Takeaways:
a) DO‘s
– Name Design Titles with narrowed terms
– Describe design with useful information and/or a short background story

b)  DONT‘s
– Name Design Title with very general one-word terms.
– Spam irrelevant keywords in description


5. Use hashtags to increase visibility

Hashtags are a great way to show your content in a category. That being said, please do not misuse hashtags; and hashtagging inappropriately will disrupt the community feed, search preferences and user experience. Not cool.

For example, let’s take a look at this artwork:

The relevant and recommended hashtags to use for this upload would be #blackandwhite, #floral or #wallpaper but not #colourful, #people or #photography.

Key Takeaways:
a) DO‘s
– Hashtag appropriately and relatively. Remember to stay relevant.
b) DONT‘s
– Fill up entire description with 1000 hashtags
– Use irrelevant hashtags


6. Interact with other artists, designers and photographers.

We are all on the same boat here; let’s support each other. Follow, like and comment on uploads by other members in Pixapp. Besides tightening the bond within the community, building relationships and spreading positive vibes, you could very well be spotted by the fans or admirers of the other talents’.


7. Be Consistent and Positive

Good things may happen overnight but great things take time and the BEST things happen to those who believe. As Pixapp is a platform that empowers art, we strongly believe creativity and art come in all forms of shapes, colours, styles; and NO art should be hidden in a camera, computer or sketchbook. As a social platform, we have structured our app to be community-driven and thus, every artist, designer and photographer can share the spotlight on Pixapp.

After all, your work is unique and can’t be found anywhere else by anyone else.

In conclusion, be consistent and patient but more importantly, be positive and motivated. Pixapp is built FOR YOU.




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