In The Spotlight: Fräulein Austen, ElmaDraws & Skinnypop ★

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We’re so excited to announce a brand new set of Featured Sellers of The Month this September! ★

Let’s get right into it.

1. Fräulein Austen

Residing in Switzerland, Fräulein is an aspiring teacher who happened to pick up calligraphy and hand-lettering as a hobby about a year ago. She gains inspiration from the art-sharing community of similar artists and ultimately looks up to calligrapher Kei Han Goodman, type-artist Stephane Lopes and Maggie Enterrios, just to name a few.

Her art mainly comprises of inspirational or poetic quotes and often times incorporate floral or botanical elements. She is also currently proactively exploring Procreate so we can expect more gorgeous digital letterings from her!

Fun fact: Fräulein’s pseydonym is inspired by a famous author! *hint*Jane*hint*

Check out Fräulein’s Instagram page to see more of what we’re talking about.
To purchase Fräulein’s artwork, check out her Pixapp store here.


2. Elma Agic (ElmaDraws)

You won’t believe Elma’s age if we asked you to take a guess…

*45 seconds later*

Nope. Not telling you yet. Keep reading.

Hailing from Sweden, Elma has been drawing for about three years and would get inspiration from watching YouTubers. A couple of artists especially, have had significant impact. For example, watching Debbyarts led to Elma purchasing her first set of coloured pencils and also celebrity artist Kristina Webb had sparked Elma’s interest in art realism. Therefore, it is no surprise that her favourite artist also happens to be Morgan Davidson.

In three words, Elma describes her art as modern, colourful and realistic; so it is great that she enjoys challenges because realism is definitely difficult to recreate!

Okay back to the initial question, here is your answer: Elma is only fourteen years old! That’s right. This girl is definitely one to watch!

Check out Elma’s Instagram page to see more of what we’re talking about.
To purchase Elma’s art prints and designs, check out her Pixapp store here.


3. Lydia Foo (Skinnypop)

A full-time Art Director by profession, Lydia has been creating art since she got her first Wacom tablet. She adapts inspiration from the artist, Alex Solis as well as from daily conversations (including random odd ones!).

Lydia’s art under the pseudonym Skinnypop, is colourful, fun and bright- hence it may come a surprise (or not) that she actually best adores pastel colours. She’s interested in digital animation so if you start seeing animation in her art, hey you heard it from us first!

More excitingly, Lydia will very soon be launching her Halloween series of art as well, if it hasn’t occurred to you, we’re approaching October so… yeah. Can’t wait!

Check out Lydia’s Instagram page to see more of what we’re talking about.
To purchase Skinnypop art prints and designs, check out her Pixapp store here.


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