5 Ways to Step Up Your Gift-Wrapping Game

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You know that basic brown wrapping paper that almost everybody uses for ‘crafty’ gift wrapping? That’s so last year. If that was you, don’t go back to your old ways this Christmas. Celebrate the festivities by exchanging gifts. It’s always the thought that counts which also means that it’s always the effort that counts. Step up your gift-wrapping game with just a lil’ extra effort. Not only is it a fun activity but it also makes your Christmas tree look better. Make it elaborate and take it to the next level!


Here are few tricks to make a statement with the gifts that you give by stepping up your gift-wrapping game this Christmas 🎁



1. Oops, no tapes or ribbons?

Low on supply or worse, don’t have any? Not a problem here. Check out the video tutorial below to wrap a gift (still) beautifully!



2. Origami Gift Tags

Gift tagging is the in-thing this season. It puts an extra touch onto the gift and shows that you actually put in some extra effort. Create a DIY gift tag with easy origami. Why not… fold it in a heart shape?


3. Printable Gift Boxes- DIY

Nothing screams effort like DIY-ing your gifts… but if you’re not doing that, you can still meet those expectations halfway by creating and folding your own gift boxes. Print a pattern and fold your own gift box. Check out free templates here.

Credits to inhabitat.com

4. Become the Master of Ribbons… if you can

This one’s difficult, we admit it. This activity will require patience, time and some skills in handy crafty stuff. But if you’re up for the challenge, the outcome is rewarding. Check out this tutorial here (P.S. we tried to find the easiest one!)


5. Okay, I only have brown paper! What else can I do?

Okay, seriously, we don’t want you to be basic. So here’s a last resort. Amp up your boring brown wrapping paper game here by creating reindeers!




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