7 Artists You Need To Check Out This Spring 🎨

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1. Vlady Art

This 18-year-old Romanian artist had already garnered a large following on Instagram when Kylie Jenner decided to repost one of his fan art of her. Since the feature, the artist has more than doubled his following rapidly; and it is no wonder at all. Young and extremely talented, Vlady is definitely an artist you need to check out if you love realistic art. Check out his Instagram page here.

2. Greco Archibald

Fans of Disney princesses ought to love Greco’s digital illustrations. Greco’s work consists of modern princesses, custom illustrations and lots of romantic pieces. Currently accepting commissions, Greco is definitely one to watch. Check out his Instagram page here.

3. The Portrait Drawer

An incredibly talented graphite pencil artist, benyarts has been making waves on social media for his beautiful pencil portraits of celebrities, characters, fans and clients. If you’ve always wanted a custom pencil portrait, look no further. Check out his Instagram page here.

4. Maria Mishkareva

The amazing Russian watercolor artist does not only have a feed full of breathtaking artworks, but also of an adorable furry friend. You’ll often spot Maria’s beautiful feline friend in many of her posts. Either way, there’s no denying that Maria is arguably one of the best watercolor artists on Instagram. Check out her page here.

5. Karen Cheok

Karen Cheok, or commonly known as daixykaren, has got to be on the list of Top Artists on Instagram. Her stunning paintings are mystical, conceptual, creative and unique. You need to take a look at her page to know what we mean, pronto. Check it out here.

6. Liam Hamilton

Hailing from United Kingdom, Liam is unquestionably gifted with his hands when it comes to creating art. Completely self-taught, his drawings will astound you especially once you find out that the artist is only 18 years of age. Check out his Instagram page here.

7. Tylor Hepner

If you’re a fan of Marvel and DC, you NEED to check Tylor out. His portfolio consists of AMAZING realism art that has the most intricate details that you could imagine. We guarantee that you’re going to hit a Follow for his page here.




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