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A Guide to Gifting if you’re broke AF 😭

Don’t let your family and friends pay the price for your broke ass. If you are not already brimming with ideas of DIY gifts, consider yourself lucky you’re here because we’ve sorted it all out for you right here. 🎁 🎈

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5 Ways to Step Up Your Gift-Wrapping Game

Don’t be a basic and boring _____. Here are few tricks to make a statement with the gifts that you give by stepping up your gift-wrapping game this Christmas 🎁

7 Things To Do This Thanksgiving If You’re A Lone Ranger

Thanksgiving is a time of celebrations, family, friends and quality time. By quality time, we also mean Me-time. If you’re spending the holiday alone, these are some things that you can do to stay productive. Lone rangers Unite. 🙋