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Cover Story with πŸ”¦ Ashley Graveline (ash_art_007)

Since our launch in June 2017 till today; that is just in six short months, the talented 23-year-old Canadian artist has sold over 38 products on Pixapp worth nearly $1000! πŸ’₯

So we asked Ashley to share some information about how she got where she is today and how can other artists grow. πŸ’ͺ🏻

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Want A Feature on Pixapp? Here’s how you can get one 🌟

As a brand that strive to connect the world through art, endorsing our Artists is something we that we take very seriously. When it comes to the community at Pixapp, we put all spotlight on our Artists because you are the ones who spend a lot of time learning, creating and truly embodying the meaning of art.

Here are some hacks that can get you on the Leaderboard, fast.

5 Tips That Every Artist Needs To Know To Sell Online

Are you an artist? Are you a hobbyist, freelancer or maybe a full-time pro? Whichever bracket you fall into, what you do takes a lot of time and we want you to get rewarded.

Here are 5 tips that you need to know to sell online. πŸš€

Tips To Increase Sales And Traffic πŸš€

Already registered on Pixapp?
Now that you’re a part of our artist community, we’ve got your back. Let’s help you get your store and profile on the Leaderboard. ⚑️

The Ultimate Guide to Pixapp: Selling on Pixapp

Welcome to our global community of art talents!
Pixapp is a social app with a mobile marketplace of products with unique, one-of-a-kind designs.

If you are a Seller or interested to become a Seller, here’s an intimate step-by-step guide to get your storefront up live. ⛏